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Hand Hygiene in Iran by Abbas Mohajeran

Hand Hygiene in Iran by Abbas Mohajeran, Islamic Republic of Iran - 5304 votes

Dr. Radtke’s Routine (Karusell (Dr. Radtkes Metode))

St. Olavs hospital HF, University Hospital Trondheim - Norway - 443 votes

Covid-19 Prevention in Your Workplace

Eastern Health Cluster, Saudi Arabia -416 votes

Applying the WHO Multimodal Strategy for Successful Infection Prevention Improvements in Healthcare

Sarawak General Hospital, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Malaysia 6940 votes

Infection Prevention and Control: The Role of Insourcing

Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center, Russian Federation - 1520 votes

Role of Infection Control in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital

University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia - 2866 votes

Clean Hands, Save Lives – International Children’s Painting Festival

Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences, Islamic Republic of Iran - 4807 votes